Prepare for the Race - Join Kronos!

Kronos triathlon club offers several programs to help your athlete prepare for the Calgary Kids of Steel and many other Triathlon events across Alberta. We also offer a variety of swimming, running, cycling and multi-sport events through the year.

Our programs teach swim, bike, and run skills. We also cover triathlon specific skills - such as the transition! Athletes will also receive support from the Kronos coaching team on race day.

Program options

Please note, ages listed below refer to your “triathlon age”, which is your age on Dec 31 of the race year.


Ages 8-12

  • This is perfect for athletes who are new to triathlon, or play another sport through the winter months. Program includes approximately 2 training sessions per week. These programs are designed to prepare athletes for the Calgary Kids of Steel and other races through the summer!

Youth Development and flex programs, Ages 10-17

  • These programs are great for athletes who want to develop technical skills in swimming, cycling and running.

  • Programs vary by age, and include between 3 and 7 training sessions per week depending on age and season.

  • This is a full season program, but athletes are accepted any time through the year.

Performance Program - Ages 14 & UP

  • Kronos offers several programs for performance minded athletes. Have a look at our programs page to learn more about prerequisites.

  • This is a great program for athletes considering a switch from competitive swimming, synchro, or track & field.


  • We have programs for you too! Check out our “masters” programs for more details!


Does your athlete play another sport?

Recreational and elite athletes alike use Triathlon to maintain and improve their fitness levels in the off season. Athletes from sports such as competitive swimming, synchro, hockey, soccer, track, and any other running sport will have a very easy time becoming successful triathletes. No experience? That’s OK, we only require that athletes meet our basic prerequisites (see our programs pages for more details).