We have reconfigured our parking lot to allow a few more athletes in each row

Please click the registration link to verify if any spaces are still available for your age group. All age groups are down to single digit capacity remaining and will likely sell out before the weekend.

Registration will remain open until 6:00 PM Friday June 21.

If you require any assistance determining your registration category, please contact us here.  

Your “Triathlon Age” and Registration Category

Triathlon Age

  • All race categories use your “triathlon age”, which is the athlete’s age on December 31, 2019.

Categories for 2019

  • 4-6 yrs, 7 year olds, 8-9 yrs, 10-11 yrs, 12-13 yrs, 14-15 yrs, 16-19yrs

  • 13-19 year old - draft legal


  • Age 4-9 $40.00 early registration ($50 after May 1)

  • Age 10-19 $50.00 early registration ($60 after May 1)

  • Age 13-19 “Draft Legal” athletes $75 ($85 after May 1)

  • All registrations require a Triathlon Alberta membership # or day insurance, and are subject to a processing fee from CCN Bikes (our registration partner).

“Draft Legal” and “Western Canada Summer Games”

  • Draft legal is a type of race category dedicated to the highest level of competitive youth athletes, who have taken a draft legal course through Triathlon Alberta. These athletes are usually full time triathlon club members.

  • Athletes looking to quality for the Western Canada Summer Games should register in the Draft Legal category. Additional information on WCSG qualifying can be found here.

Athletes Participating in Other Triathlons June 22

Please note, athletes participating in any other triathlon event June 22 are permitted to race at Calgary Kids of Steel on June 23. This has been confirmed by Triathlon Alberta in accordance with current ITU rules.

Triathlon Alberta membership / insurance

  • All Athletes must purchase a Triathlon Alberta membership, which provides the insurance necessary to participate in the Calgary Kids of Steel.

  • Options include day memberships (approx $10) or, if you are racing more than 2 Triathlon races in a season you will be required to purchase a full membership (starting at $36).

  • Membership fees will be calculated automatically when registering. For more information on membership fees, please visit Triathlon Alberta.